Rulebook benefits

UNISON's rules govern the way the union runs and how various parts of the union, including branches, regions, service groups and membership groups work.

They also outline the rights and responsibilities of members.

The rules are kept under constant review and can be changed if agreed by a two-thirds majority of delegates at each national delegate conference.

The rules are published in the UNISON Rulebook. A new edition is produced after every national delegate conference, which incorporates the latest updates and rule changes.

The rulebook benefits include:

Death benefit
Payment ranging from £100 to £440 to a deceased member's partner, dependant(s) or estate, depending on length of membership at the time of death. The deceased must have had at least four weeks paid membership before death.

Accident benefit
Payment of up to £18 a week for the period in which you are unable to work because of an accident (subject to maximum of £108 a year). You must have had at least four week’s paid membership prior to the date of the accident.

Fatal accident benefit
Payment ranging from £1,925 to £7,700 to a deceased member’s partner or dependant(s), depending on length of membership at the time of death. The deceased must have had at least four week’s paid membership before death.

Welfare benefits
Confidential welfare assistance is available in many forms, including:
  • emergency grants;
  • family holidays;
  • help with other special needs;
  • advice on a range of issues.
Application for welfare assistance can be made either through your branch or directly to There for You, our registered charity – call 020 7121 5620.

Croyde Bay Holiday Village

Owned and operated by UNISON for more 80 years, the Croyde Bay Holiday Village has become renowned for its comfort, choice and hospitality.

Croyde Bay is a popular addition to the benefits of UNISON membership, and offers a range of competitive rates, with special discounts for UNISON members and families.
There are also additional discounts available to low-paid UNISON members.

Read more and book a holiday at the Croyde Bay Holiday Village website.

NOTE: Any offers apply to new bookings only, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn without notice.

Legal services

UNISON provides a very wide range of legal help to union members across the UK. We offer advice and assistance with work issues of course, but we can sometimes also offer legal help for members and their families outside work.

At work All UNISON members can get free legal advice and help with work-related issues (provided you have been a member for at least four weeks before you knew you needed legal help and sought that help from UNISON. You must also be up to date with your subscriptions). Our help covers issues like unfair dismissal, accidents and injuries at work.

For you and your family UNISON members can access free legal advice on non-work related issues. Free legal advice, a free wills service, low-cost conveyancing and help with immigration issues are among the services we offer.

Access to legal services
For work-related issues members should contact their local branch in the first instance. For non work-related issues, help can be accessed via UNISON's legal helpline on 0845 355 0845.

UNISONPlus Membership Services

UNISON has appointed 16 companies as UNISONPlus approved suppliers. To get this endorsement, not only must they be able to offer members savings and added value offers, but UNISON also requires them to operate very high standards of customer care and to support the union's aims and objectives.

UNISONPlus approved companies must agree to:
  • support and encourage trade union membership for their own staff;
  • support UNISON's regions and branches and national campaigns;
  • support There for you, UNISON's welfare charity;
  • operate equal opportunities, ethical and environmental policies;
  • operate an agreed complaints procedure;
  • operate responsible lending and debt management policies
Each year more than 500,000 of these services are used by UNISON members – look for the UNISONplus logo.

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